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With the resurgence of tenant protection groups and ever-increasing statutes, both state and federal, it is becoming increasingly difficult for landlords of all experience levels to keep their lease documents up-to-date, thus exposing them to increasing liability.

Moreover, as landlord/tenant law progresses in the State of Texas, it seems that tenants, especially residential tenants, are garnering more and more protection and remedies against the alleged wrongdoing of landlords. In order to reduce the opportunities for tenants to recover from landlords, it is important for the landlord to start the relationship off on the right foot – with strong lease documents.

The real estate law attorneys at The Farah Law Firm, P.C. have the expertise to draft individualized lease packages for both residential leases and commercial leases that will help ensure that the landlord’s rights and interests are protected.

Residential Lease Packages

Residential lease packages can be tailored for the Texas residential landlord’s needs, whether it be for one property or an entire portfolio of properties. Residential lease packages generally include:

  • Residential Lease Application;
  • Residential Lease Application Disclaimer;
  • Residential Application Results Letter;
  • Rental Criteria;
  • Restricted Dog Breed List;
  • Residential lease;
  • Security Deposit Agreement;
  • Tenant Insurance Agreement;
  • Special Provisions Addendum;
  • Move-in Checklist;
  • Rental Property Inspection Review Form;
  • Move-out Checklist; and
  • Notice of Security Deposit Deductions Letter

Commercial Lease Packages

Commercial lease packages can be tailored to suit the landlord’s needs and are often finely tailored depending on the type of commercial application. Commercial lease packages are available on a tenant-specific or property specific basis. Commercial lease packages generally include:

  • Community Credit Application;
  • Commercial Lease Agreement;
  • Commercial Lease Renewal Option Addendum;
  • Construction Improvement Addendum;
  • Commercial Lease Guaranty;
  • Commercial Lease Right of First Refusal;
  • Commercial Lease Parking Provisions; and
  • Commercial Lease Rules and Regulations;

The residential and commercial lease packages are custom drafted by the real estate attorneys at The Farah Law Firm, P.C. and can be tailored to meet any need of our residential landlords or commercial landlords or tenants.   The real estate attorneys at The Farah Law Firm, P.C. are available to review your current lease packages to ensure that your rights and interests are fully protected.

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