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Farah Law Firm Featured on NBC 5 DFW for Foul Real Estate Issue

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NBC 5 DFW recently interviewed real estate attorney Michael Farah to discuss a pesky problem affecting residents of a northwest Arlington neighborhood. A large flock of migratory egrets has descended on their homes, and 76-year-old Norma Crader, who purchased a home in the area prior to the birds’ arrival, is crying foul.

The birds began to arrive in February and have formed a community — known as a “rookery” — in the neighborhood’s trees, bringing with them their own brand of noises, smells, and other avian unpleasantries, with some residents going so far as to use umbrellas to protect themselves from the droppings.

Crader stated that she wouldn’t have purchased the home had she known about the birds, and Michael Farah believes she could potentially have a legal case.

“It’s an obvious condition on the property and it obviously affects your ability to live in the house or at least live there peacefully,” Farah said. “[The sellers] could have failed to say something that they should have.”

In a follow-up report, NBC 5 noted that the egrets have shown no sign of moving on. Because the birds are federally protected, they can’t be forcibly moved, but Arlington Animal Services has a plan to prevent them from returning next year. They’ll be giving residents “go-bags” with air horns, water hose attachments to spray the birds out of the trees, and balloons printed with large eyes which, when inflated, may scare the birds away.

As for Norma Crader, she’ll be trying her best to tolerate the situation until October, when the birds are expected to move on.

“I wasn’t prepared for all of this,” Crader said. “I have to wear [a hat] to protect myself. Otherwise, I would get bombarded.”

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