Transferring a real estate deed is essential when you are selling your home. The final process of selling your house often involves transferring the ownership of the property that you are selling. However, you might also need to transfer a real estate deed if you plan to give your home to your children after you retire. Fortunately, transferring a real estate deed does not take that much time when you take advantage of the help that our professional real estate attorneys are equipped to provide. Let our team take on the task of transferring and even filing the deed for you. A title transfer in Texas is required when the name of the owner of the property has been changed or removed.

How a Lawyer Can Help With Real Estate Title Transfer

When you need a title transfer in Texas, our real estate attorneys can file and prepare the transfer deed for you. However, we will need you to provide a little bit of information about the property whose title you are transferring. We will also need information about the people that are listed on the real estate title. Once we have this information, our professional real estate attorneys can create a legal description of the property in order to continue with the real estate title transfer process. A member of our team will also have to confirm who currently owns the deed. There are normally three different types of processes for a title transfer in Texas.

Real Estate Title Transfer Types

We normally deal with three types of Texas title transfers. These can include:

  • transferring the title to a trust,
  • transferring it to a business, or
  • handling the death of a co-owner who is still on the current deed.

If you need us to take handle the transferring of a title to a trust, we will need an abstract of trust or certificate of trust. If you need us to transfer the title to a business, we will need an article of incorporation or a certificate of formation. In the event that a co-owner of a deed has passed away, we can start with an affidavit only after we are provided with a copy of the legal death certificate.

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