Do you need a lawyer to review your real estate contract and transaction documents?

We typically advise that a lawyer is involved in every real estate transaction, but especially the highest priced and complex transactions. Most residential real estate contracts in the state of Texas utilize the “Standard” TREC forms on which Paragraph 24 allows the space for the parties to list the Attorneys representing both sides of the transaction. All too often, the deals that end up in our hands to fix have not had attorneys assisting in the real estate transaction or real estate contract review. We are here to ensure that the transaction is completed as smoothly as possible and closes on time without surprise while protecting your interests. The forms utilized in most cases are standard TREC forms as required by use for Residential Real Estate Agents, but there are numerous ways to negotiate the transaction and protect your rights, regardless of whether you are the seller or the buyer.

All too often, Realtors fail to inform their clients as to the practical effects of each and every paragraph; we can fill in where the Realtor typically leaves off. We can draft custom addendums as needed or re-draft contracts entirely as needed.  

Since everything in real estate transactions depends on what is in writing, the real estate transaction lawyers at The Farah Law Firm are here to ensure that what gets memorialized into writing is the most advantageous to you.    

We can work hand in hand with your realtor or Broker to protect your interests.   Many times, we can work on flat fee agreements to be involved at the time of the contract drafting, signing and all the way through the ever important title commitment review process, which is typically very short.    

On high priced, commercial, multifamily and business purchases, we are also happy to accompany our clients to closings or can assist with closing through our Title Company partner, Reliant Title. We assist clients all over the state of Texas for our real estate contract review services and can work remotely if you are not in the DFW area. Let us take a look at your contract and review it for you today.

*Please note: Due to the costs involved and the favorability of land in Texas per contract and common law, we currently are not accepting residential tenant defense cases.