In recent years landowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth and across Texas have realized the minerals lying under their properties have value. Many Texas landowners have been approached by individuals or companies seeking to lease the rights to those minerals or buy them outright. However, few if any landowners have the knowledge or experience to know what those mineral rights are worth or whether they are receiving a fair value to the rights to those minerals. Before you make a decision that affects or may affect your mineral rights, contact one of our Oil and Gas Attorneys to ensure that your rights and values are protected.

Mineral Leases

Generally, a lease is executed by the mineral owner to an operator who undertakes to develop the minerals. Although several lease forms exist, their provisions are generally uniform. However, this is not to say that some leases cannot be drastically different than others. Typically, under the lease, the operator assumes all expenses of operation to develop the minerals in return for a conveyance of interest in those minerals; the landowner retains an interest free and clear of all costs.

Let our Oil and Gas Attorneys put their years of experience to work by assisting you in negotiating your lease terms to ensure that you receive fair compensation.

Surface Leases

Often times circumstances surrounding the production of oil and gas require easements for pipelines, access roads, or surface sites. Often times the easement documents do not take into account the needs or desires of the landowner. More often than not, Dallas-Fort Worth landowners sign the easement document without knowing exactly how the use and enjoyment of their property will be affected.

The Oil and Gas Attorneys at The Farah Law Firm are available to review easement documents prepared by Oil and Gas Companies, or evaluate and draft easement documents that are customized to your particular situation.

Pooling and Unitization Agreements

In Texas, there are very specific and often times confusing statues regulating the pooling and unitization of tracts of land for the production of oil and gas contained within those tracts. These agreements can be entered into voluntarily or may be “forced by order of the Texas Railroad Commission. Generally, administration of pools or units is very complex leaving most mineral interest owners unsure of status of their minerals. To discuss how your property may be affected by proposed pooling or unitization, or to discuss the administration of an existing pool or unit, contact the Oil and Gas Attorneys at The Farah Law Firm.


The attorneys at The Farah Law Firm have the knowledge and years of experience dealing with investors and Oil and Gas companies regarding the purchase and leasing of mineral rights. Before you sell, lease or assign your interest in the minerals lying underneath your property let our Oil and Gas Attorneys review your documents. Our attorneys will give your situation the same attention they devote to their personal Oil and Gas documents to ensure that you receive a fair value and that your interests are fully protected. Contact our office today.