In Texas, boundary disputes are a common nuisance that affect urban, suburban, and rural landowners alike. Whether the property concerned is several feet, several acres, or a large tract of land, these disputes can have serious ramifications not only for the current landowner but for his or her heirs or other future landowners as well. If not handled promptly and properly, boundary disputes can result in the forfeiture of a portion of your property.

reading between the property lines

Boundary disputes are complicated because boundaries can shift, intentionally or unintentionally, as a property changes hands over time. You may assume that the boundary between your property and your neighbor’s is a straight line, but that’s often not the case. And in some instances, there may even be a fence, hedge, or other established lot line that is incorrectly dividing the properties.

Particularly contentious boundary disputes may end up in court, but if you hire a qualified professional—such as one of the experienced real estate attorneys at The Farah Law Firm—you’ll be far more likely to come to an out-of-court resolution swiftly and amicably.

turn to an experienced real estate Attorney

If you’re facing a boundary dispute at your property, the best course of action is to hire a knowledgable real estate attorney as soon as you realize there’s a problem. Contact the attorneys at The Farah Law Firm to learn about your rights and obligations as a landowner in Texas. We’ll help you explore your options and ensure your property is protected.

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