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Accidents involving drunk drivers are handled differently than ordinary automobile accident cases. Therefore, it is imperative that anyone involved in an automobile accident involving a drunk driver seek the advice of The Farah Law Firm’s accident attorneys experienced in drunk driving cases in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Identifying all responsible parties

In drunk driving accidents, there may be parties other than the drunk driver who are responsible for the damages sustained by the innocent party. These parties may include a bar or restaurant that over-served the drunk driver, or a store or parent who provided alcohol to the drunk driver if he or she is a minor.

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The addition of multiple responsible parties and the potential for recovering punitive damages against the drunk driver or other responsible party increase the value of a potential claim. Punitive damages are those damages awarded to an injured party in an attempt to punish the responsible party and deter it from repeating the offending conduct in the future.

The personal injury attorneys at The Farah Law Firm have years of experience handling cases for victims injured by drunk drivers. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to determine who is at fault and under what circumstances punitive damages can be sought.

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