Collaborative Divorce: A Happier Ending

Collaborative divorce is another excellent alternative to traditional divorce. Collaborative law is a legal process that allows couples to work with collaborative attorneys, avoid going to court, and work together to achieve a mutually beneficial settlement. You and your spouse would sign a contract that binds you to the process of collaborative divorce and prevents your respective attorneys from representing either of you in any future divorce-related litigation. You, your spouse, and your attorneys would participate in “four-way” meetings in which the details of your divorce are sorted out. Like divorce mediation, collaborative divorce is informal, flexible, and far less acrimonious than traditional divorce.

As recently reported by D Magazine, many former couples in Texas (which was the first state to adopt a collaborative law statute) who chose collaborative divorce now report that they’re better friends now than they were during their marriage.

If you believe that a collaborative divorce would be the best option for you, the knowledgeable attorneys at The Farah Law Firm can help you work toward the happiest possible ending to your marriage.

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