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The 10 Worst Types of Drivers


It’s a fact: Driving is a dangerous enterprise. You could be the very definition of a cautious driver, but you can’t control what the thousands of other drivers on the road are doing. And a lot of the time, what they’re doing is . . . well . . . pretty stupid. Here’s a look at the 10 worst types of drivers you’re bound to encounter when you get behind the wheel.

1. The “I just got my license” driver

Ah, youth. Who among us can’t remember that initial thrill of getting your license and gallivanting around town in an ’87 Lebaron (or . . . whatever the kids are driving these days) with the radio blasting and no particular destination in mind? Teenagers are perhaps the most enthusiastic drivers on the road, but they’re also some of the most dangerous. They’re fledgling drivers and their new-found independence, combined with their lack of experience, can make them reckless and distracted.

2. The “I fought in the Civil War and probably shouldn’t be on the road” driver

This isn’t meant to disparage the elderly. Indeed, there are many older drivers who have impeccable eyesight and dexterity and are perfectly safe on the road. But there are also others who have lost their “edge” and might be well advised to find other means of getting around. After eight or more decades on the planet, they’re certainly entitled to a few adventures—but those adventures ought not involve your bumper.

3. The “If you like the way I drive while talking on the phone, you should see the way I walk and chew gum” driver

Some people seem to be able to divide their attention equally between driving and talking on the phone, but others are wholly incapable of doing two things at once. How many times have you pulled up next to a slow or swerving driver only to see that they’ve got one hand on the wheel and the other pressing a phone to their ear? Some states have banned hand-held use of cell phones, and though Texas has not, it would be great if everyone would just hang up and drive—at least the distracted drivers who are defunct at multitasking.

4. The “If I don’t reply to this text the world is going to end!” driver

“OMG R U kidding? Who waits more than 12 seconds 2 reply 2 a TXT?” Safe drivers, that’s who. According to, five seconds is the average time a driver’s eyes are off the road while texting. When traveling 55 miles per hour, that’s enough time to cover the length of a football field—blindfolded. That’s plenty of space in which to cause a major—and quite possibly deadly—accident. Drivers who text are some of the most dangerous drivers out there.

5. The “Turn signals are for suckers” driver

“Oh, hey, I don’t really care that you’re in the left lane, I’m just going to go ahead and—yup, there we go, now I’m in the left lane too and—oh, thanks for swerving and slamming on your brakes, guess I forgot my turn signal there.” These drivers are known to spring up anywhere and everywhere and at the most inopportune moments. You’re zipping around, minding your own business and staying out of everyone’s way, when you realize another car is entering your lane, or the intersection you were about to cross, or the parking lot you were trying to exit, and you have to act quickly to avoid them—if possible. There’s a special place in the afterlife for drivers who don’t use their turn signals.

6. The “My life is one long NASCAR tryout” driver

This guy thinks he’s Dale Earnhardt, Jr.: speeding down the road, changing lanes erratically, leaving the faint echo of Nickelback in his wake. Or maybe you’ve got an aspiring Danica Patrick on your hands, careening down the highway in a little red convertible, weaving through traffic and turning heads. These speed demons may drive like they’re ready to take a few spins around the track, but their antics put everyone at risk.

7. The “I own this #$%^&*@ road!” driver

From tailing you in the fast lane, to running stop signs or red lights, to giving other drivers the one-finger salute while speeding by at 90 miles an hour, aggressive drivers are perhaps the worst of the worst. It’s impossible to decipher why they might be angry—perhaps they were passed over for a promotion, or maybe their underthings shrank in the dryer. Whatever the case, aggressive drivers are determined to take out their rage on other drivers. If you spot one, avoid him or her at all costs.

8. The “This burrito isn’t going to eat itself” driver

Ever since the advent of the drive-through, people have been stuffing their faces while driving. It may be convenient to grab food on the go, but the lure of a greasy cheeseburger or a pound of nachos often proves more beguiling than the task at hand: driving. Unfortunately, there are many drivers out there who refuse to wait to partake in their feasts until they’ve put their cars in park—and there’s a good chance there’s a fender-bender on the menu.

9. The “My mascara is more important than your safety” driver

This girl’s real crime is failing to get up on time. She’s racing to work or some other engagement and didn’t have time to fully get ready at home, so she makes a valiant effort to apply her lipstick or blush or—Lord help us all—eyeshadow in her rear-view mirror while simultaneously driving. Unfortunately, her poor time management skills could result in the annihilation of your quarter panel.

10. The “I definitely had tee many martoonies but I’m gonna’ shake it off” driver

And last but certainly not least, there is the intoxicated driver—the person who had a few too many and is in no condition to operate a vehicle. Unfortunately, this type of driver is often brazen and certain that he or she can drive just fine. But of course, that’s not the case. Driving drunk is akin to Russian roulette: someone’s bound to get hurt.

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