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How to Reinstate a Texas LLC

Why is your Texas LLC being terminated? Ultimately, your registration was terminated due to some form of tax or administrative forfeiture. The most typical cause of this is failure to file your annual franchise report and pay any associated fees or taxes.   How much time do you have to reinstate your Texas LLC? In […]

The Farah Law Firm, P.C.: Your Partner in Excess Proceeds

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In the complex realm of real estate law, we at The Farah Law Firm, P.C. serve as your dedicated guide, especially when the convoluted matters of tax lien foreclosure and excess proceeds are at play.   Investor Opportunity in Excess Proceeds in Texas Excess proceeds emerge from the ashes of tax lien foreclosures. These are […]

Property Tax Protests

It’s that time of year again. Yes, tax time. If you’re like me, you received a notice from your appraisal district notifying you of the proposed value of your property for the current tax year. However, what many of you do not know is what to do if you are dissatisfied with the appraised value […]

Tarrant County Accepts Homestead Exemption Applications Beginning January 1

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They say that the only two things that are certain in life are death and taxes… …but thanks to homestead exemptions, that isn’t necessarily true. In Texas, homestead exemptions help homeowners protect the value of their homes from exorbitant property taxes, aggressive creditors, and issues related to the death of the homeowner’s spouse. Applying for […]