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Navigating Texas Real Estate Contracts with an Attorney

Navigating Texas Real Estate Contracts with an Attorney

Importance of a Real Estate Attorney in Texas Entering into a real estate transaction in Texas? The real estate contract you sign will serve as the legal foundation of your transaction. It dictates the terms and conditions, protects your rights, and outlines responsibilities for all parties involved. It’s essential to understand the implications of every […]

The Farah Law Firm, P.C.: Your Partner in Excess Proceeds

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In the complex realm of real estate law, we at The Farah Law Firm, P.C. serve as your dedicated guide, especially when the convoluted matters of tax lien foreclosure and excess proceeds are at play.   Investor Opportunity in Excess Proceeds in Texas Excess proceeds emerge from the ashes of tax lien foreclosures. These are […]

A Brief Summary of the Complicated Eviction Process

A Brief Summary of the Complicated Eviction Process

STEP 1: NOTICE TO VACATE To begin the process, the tenant must receive a Notice to Vacate in accordance with procedures outlined in the lease or the oral agreement. If it was not outlined in the lease or agreement, then the requirements in the Texas Property Code must be strictly followed. Tex. Prop. Code § […]

Texas eviction appeals up 163%

Texas eviction appeals up 163%

According to data that our law firm pulled from the Texas Judicial Branch Court activity database, eviction appeals have increased an average of 163% comparing the 2.5 years before and after COVID-19.   We surveyed the four largest counties in Texas that are representative of much of the tenant population.*  The dates that were utilized were January […]


Subject-to transactions in Texas are a type of real estate purchase in which the buyer takes over the payments on an existing mortgage instead of getting a new mortgage. It can be useful for buyers who are unable to obtain a traditional mortgage, as well as for sellers who are unable to sell their property […]

Homebuyers Beware: Builder Contracts in a Seller’s Market

Fox 4 KDFW recently reported that a North Texas family was left all but homeless after their home builder backed out of their contract in the eleventh hour. It’s a consequence of the current seller’s market, and it’s perfectly legal.

New Legislation for Texas Series LLCs

The Texas legislature recently passed new legislation regarding Texas series LLCs, which went into effect on June 1, 2022. This new legislation will potentially offer more protection and peace of mind for individuals and entities conducting business with series LLCs.

When Damage Occurs Before Closing on a Property

When you’re buying a property, you might — justifiably — feel like you’re in limbo while it’s under contract. There are many “what if” possibilities that, while unlikely, you still need to consider. In light of the recent winter storm in Texas, which wreaked havoc on thousands of properties across the state, many buyers may […]

The Real Estate Closing Process: What to Expect as a Buyer

The residential real estate closing process can be confusing for a homebuyer, property developer, or investor. A real estate closing involves finalizing a property sale, which includes signing documentation to trigger the property transfer. The process takes place during an already stressful time and can be susceptible to possible setbacks. The real estate attorneys at […]

Real Estate Deed and Title Transfers in Texas: What You Need to Know

For many people, owning property — particularly your own home — is a major part of the proverbial “American Dream.” In the past, only the very wealthy were able to become landowners. But today, home and property ownership are possible for more people than ever. And because of the nature of property ownership, and the […]