Lewisville Legal Help

The community of Lewisville is one within the Dallas-Fort Worth area that continues to grow with each passing year, having evolved from a town of just over 1,500 in 1950 to one that now embraces more than 100,000 individuals. The reasons include a welcoming of cultural opportunities and the development of facilities devoted to outdoor activities.

Property Issues

That growth has resulted in a massive expansion of real estate to house the influx of newcomers. Purchasing or selling that property means that contracts need to be produced, pored over and executed on a regular basis. In order to make sure that nothing is left to chance, having a Lewisville attorney is an absolute necessity.

The concerns involved in finding the right Lewisville lawyer for your needs can be set aside by simply contacting the Farah Law Firm. Headed by Michael Farah, the Farah Law Firm has the legal experience within the Dallas-Fort Worth area to know how to properly proceed when you need to address a real estate issue.

This not only means the standard buying, selling or leasing of property, but also the crafting of legal protections within such agreements. These issues could be conflicts involving landlords or tenants, neighbors or situations that involve civic bodies. By having a Lewisville attorney who’s ready to fight for your rights in such matters, you’ll be protected. More information can be found on our services page.

Representing Injured Parties

While such property fights won’t result in any physical injury to a Dallas-Forth area resident, there are victims of accidents within Lewisville that can suffer that fate. Michael Farah has seen this develop during his years as a Lewisville attorney, which is why he and his staff are prepared to vigorously represent personal injury victims in order to achieve the justice they deserve.

Components of a personal injury case can involve not only injuries suffered, but also the cost of treatment, rehabilitation and lost wages that are a byproduct of such situations. In some scenarios, death is the ultimate result.

As a Lewisville lawyer, Michael Farah is well versed in such topics and can tell you that in just 2012-13, there were 12 fatal vehicle accidents in Lewisville that killed 13 people and involved 19 different vehicles. In three of those cases, the irresponsible actions of a drunken driver was the cause.

Such outrages only grow when you begin to include the entire Dallas-Fort Worth community in that snapshot. The economic devastation that these actions can wreak are jarring, with the National Safety Council estimating that the average cost of recovering from a serious auto accident is close to $80,000. That doesn’t even begin to potentially factor in the incalculable loss of a loved one.

So when you’re in need of a Lewisville lawyer for your real estate situation or personal injury case, contact the Farah Law Firm to get the justice you deserve. Call 817-467-1889 to schedule a consultation or fill out our contact form.