After more than six decades as a city, Hurst’s presence as a virtual midway point between Fort Worth and Dallas makes it a vital component for the regional economy. Many of its 38,000 residents work within 30 minutes of the city limits and earn a good living, making it a desirable area to set down some roots.

Property Problems

The interest shown in settling down is evidenced by the fact that roughly 16,000 housing units are situated in the city. Inevitably, some real estate conflicts can require the hiring of a Hurst lawyer with experience in this area.

Real estate that’s sold brings with it requires contracts that need to be signed. However, before that happens, every word needs to be carefully looked over. A Hurst lawyer like Michael Farah knows what to look for in these situations because his Farah Law Firm has been doing it for years.

As a licensed realtor, he knows what to look for and can help negotiate the best deal possible. He’s also well equipped to deal with disputes between tenant and landlord, as well as spats with neighbors that can quickly spin out of control without proper counsel.

Protection From Bad Judgment

While such conflicts rarely lead to injuries, the problem of personal injury resulting from the irresponsibility of a vehicle operator does exist. One such fact about this subject is that drunk driving fatalities occur at a higher rate in Hurst than they do for the state of Texas.

The Farah Law Firm has extensive experience here, having seen the staggering costs that come with hospital bills, rehabilitation, lost wages, and in the worst cases, the loss of a loved one. One National Safety Council estimate pegged the average bill from serious accident injuries at $80,000. Numbers like that are why the firm works so passionately to achieve the justice their personal injury clients deserve.

Islamic Wills

Any legal firm can handle wills, but having an awareness of Islamic wills is important, since the estimated Muslim population in Texas is more than 420,000. The religion itself dictates that a will must be written before death. Therefore, having a lawyer like Michael Farah to specifically write these wills properly addresses pertinent issues like making sure debts are paid, designating children’s guardians and burial preference decisions.

A Hurst lawyer like Michael Farah is a valuable asset to have when it comes to dealing with a personal injury lawsuit, real estate controversies, the writing of Islamic wills or many other considerations. So if you find yourself in such a situation, make sure to contact the Farah Law Firm today.