Colleyville History:

  • “Colleyville, previously known as Coleysville, is a suburb of Fort Worth on State Highway 26 in northeastern Tarrant County… The area was first settled in the 1850s, and the communities of Spring Garden, Pleasant Run, Pleasant Glade, and Red Rock (later Bransford) eventually developed in an area that is now within the city limits of Colleyville. Hilburn (or Lilburn) Howard Colley, a physician and a native of Missouri, moved to Texas in 1880 and settled in Bransford soon after. He practiced in the area for forty years. His name became associated with a community that grew up around a store founded in 1914 south of Bransford. The surrounding area gradually came to be known as Coleysville and, later, Colleyville… The earliest reported population for Colleyville was twenty-five in 1936, when the town had two businesses; by 1945 its population had increased to forty. Colleyville was incorporated on January 10, 1956, and by 1958 a population of 100 was recorded there. The town in the early 1980s became divided over the issue of development, with one group wanting to limit new construction to expensive, single-family homes on large lots and the other group wanting smaller lots and multifamily housing. In 1990 the population of Colleyville was 12,724, and in 2000 it grew to 19,636.”

Colleyville Population Growth:

26,152 (2016)

Colleyville Real Estate Growth:

  • Per Trulia, the average listing price for homes in Colleyville, TX is $738,223. Per NeighborhoodScout, the median home value for homes in Colleyville, TX is $576,171. The ownership rate of homes in Colleyville are 96.3% owners, 3.7% renters, and 2% of homes in Colleyville are vacant. 68.6% of homes in Colleyville were built between 1970-1999 and 26.5% of homes were built after 2000. The highest appreciating neighborhoods since 2000 include: Bransford, Pool Rd / Colleyville Blvd, and City Center.

Major Attractions in Colleyville:

  • Bluebonnet Hills Funeral Home and Bluebonnet Hills Memorial Park: A popular funeral service in Colleyville that provides a proper burial service that provides beautiful scenery and a nice resting place for those who have passed.
  • Colleyville Nature Center: A 2.1 mile loop trail that features an array of beautiful wild flowers and is a perfect trail for people of all ages. You are able to bring your dog along on the trail, but they must be kept on a leash. There are a lot of activity options and is accessible year-round.

New Businesses in Colleyville:

  • RaceTrac: The new proposed build would place the gas station at 7015 Colleyville Blvd and would help increase revenue for both the city and that particular neighborhood. There has been disputes with the city council over the new potential opening because “it is not consistent with the vision the city’s comprehensive plan has for that property.”

Fun fact: The city of colleyville has 13 award-winning parks and greenbelts.