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The Farah Law Firm understands that dealing with any complex legal issue can be frustrating and intimidating. Whether you are seeking legal counsel as an individual, a large company, or a brand new startup, we can help. Our Mansfield, Texas-based attorneys have the knowledge, understanding, and experience to create a favorable solution to your legal dilemma. In doing so, we ensure that our clients are involved in every aspect of their cases and fully understand why we do what we do. In order to maximize efficiency at every turn, we utilize the latest technology to effectively research and communicate, thereby reducing the need for in-office appointments except when absolutely essential to your case. We welcome the opportunity to work for you.

Residential Real Estate Attorney

A residential real estate attorney can be an asset, with Farah Law Firm using our experienced legal team to provide services that aid clients during every step of the process. These duties include things like the preparation and review of all documents and deeds, property tax concerns, title transfers, and closing matters, along with aspects such as the seller’s disclosure notice or finance issues.

A Farah attorney can also a key role in helping to resolve landlord and tenant conflicts, which may entail mediation, as well as obtaining refunds in connection with earnest money. Other matters where are services can make your life easier are when such concerns involve liens, disputes over boundary rights or fighting for clients on the topic of mineral rights. This type of investment is often the biggest of most people’s lives, so it makes sense to work with Farah to make sure that you’re protected. Learn More »

Commercial Real Estate Lawyer:

Using a commercial real estate lawyer from Farah Law Firm is a necessity, given the range of property that makes up this segment of the market. Choosing to plunge ahead without such aid can result in unexpected issues that can negatively affect a business. These may involve property tax matters or a full understanding of all aspects of real estate contracts or deeds that can span from preparation to title transfer to closing services.

Farah’s legal services also assist farms and ranches. We can serve as a mediator for disputes that can entangle landlords and tenants, the issuance of liens or protection of property by lis pendens. There are also instances where boundary disputes emerge or other legal paperwork needs to be professionally handled. The experienced staff at Farah has the requisite experience to help you with your commercial real estate matters, allowing you to focus on your bottom line. Learn More »

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